Monday, 12 January 2015

TLB: Turtle neck season

 American Apparel turtle neck top & shorts | Forever 21 jacket | Nike Air Max 90 | Atmosphere backpack
Currently on bed on a Monday morning, saw this folder of unblogged pictures from a shoot months ago. I figured to do a short post for you guys since it seems like I’ve abandoned my blogs :(
I really should get back into my usual blogging habits!
See you guys soon!
Love lots,
tlb- Jaszel xx

Monday, 15 September 2014

TLB | LFW SS15 Day 1


I skipped two lessons for this.
But it was worth it.
Hello lovelies! Back to blogging on a Monday morning as I have no lessons today! Here’s my visual diary of London Fashion Week, 12 of September- LFW Day 1.
Went for a really casual comfy look with my Zara jumper dress - fell in love the moment I saw this, it was in two colours, black & white which got me thinking but went on and bought the black one anyway- and my favourite Topshop bomber jacket- same as what Kylie Jenner has.
Got off the usual with this cute cat ears beanie from Zara and my le boy bag inspired bag from Aliexpress. The bangles I am wearing are of course not authentic Cartier which are about £4 each by the way.
As we entered Somerset house via Strand entrance, Bea and I immediatly say Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea getting majorly papped whilst talking to someone on her phone- she looked too lovely. Saw many familiar and fave bloggers, one would be Sarah Ashcroft of Thatpommiegirl, Kirsty Mooney of Kirstydoll and Zoe Suen of Fashiononymous. Along the day, whilst walking around somerset house, also saw Rosie Fortescue- also a part Made in Chelsea looking stunning,sporting a new yet elegant hairstyle.
I'll probably do all of the street style in a separate post - my usual promise every fashion week! Haha! I might do it this time around x
Thanks for reading!
Love lots,
tlb- Jaszel xx 

Friday, 5 September 2014

TLB: France holiday diary | Day 4 // Poolside


American Apparel skirt | Atmosphere top | Aliexpress bag |Atmosphere accessories | Birkenstock sandals
Last entry for my France holiday diary. *deep sigh*
This was taken at the pool area of the hotel we stayed in. It’s my favourite part of the whole hotel, even if had bad wifi reception!
We left at about 10 in the morning for our return train to Paris which was a 5-hour journey. Yep 5 bloody hours sat on economy class trying to read a French fashion magazine. Haha! 
The outfit was put together last minute before leaving the hotel to grab some breakfast. Plain black top and skirt, the usual me and my white birkenstocks that have just been used for the whole trip.
I’m guessing that ends my blog post and last of the holiday diary! I cannot wait for our next holiday! Goodbye summer!
Love lots,

tlb- Jaszel xx

Friday, 29 August 2014

TLB: France holiday diary | Day 3 // La Croisette

DIY bandana top | Oasap maxi skirt | Birkenstock sandals | Topshop bikini set | Brandy Melville necklace | local market Bindi

One of the last posts from my France holiday diary and I will resume to my normal blogging titles! Haha!
I actually was contemplaiting on whether to swim or not because the water was so cold but then it looked too inviting! So I did and I loved it, my first swim in about 3 years. Yep, 3 years.
See you guys next time for the last blog post on my France holiday!
Love lots,
tlb- Jaszel xx

Saturday, 23 August 2014

TLB: France holiday diaries | Day 2 // Bonjour, Cannes!

H&M jada dupe dress | Brandy Melville necklace and chiyo bralet | Birkenstock sandals | Aliexpress boy bag
Yay! Day 2! Let my Cannes getaway begin!
Left Paris for Cannes at about 8 am, took a 5 hour train journey- long but had the best views! The hotel we stayed at was just perfect, especially the poolside! OMG! I love how it looks and for some reason it reminded us of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Weird?
After settling in and having a quick swim, we went to check the city centre out and saw this yatch dock, where I took my outfit pictures. We also had a reservation in a local seafood resto, ahhhh the food was too goo we forgot to take food selfies!
I’ll have my Cannes day 2 post up by tomorrow or Monday, depends on my mood! Hah! Thanks for reading!
tlb- Jaszel xx

Friday, 22 August 2014

TLB: France holiday diaries | Day 1 // Eiffel tower at night

Atmosphere top, kimono & shoes | Forever 21 trousers | Aliexpress boy bag dupe
These pictures don’t even do any justice to the place! It is just perfect once the tower starts shinning and the people around would start gasping! It lights up and shines for five minutes every start of the hour from 9 pm, I believe.
The outfit pictures I decided to put in black and white because the lighting was so bad, it was yellow because of the street lights. Nonetheless, I came up with these!
The start of the Cannes pictures on my next holiday diary!
tlb- Jaszel xx

Thursday, 21 August 2014

TLB: France holiday diaries | Day 1 // Louvre

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American Apparel skirt | H&M crop top | Birkenstock sandals 
The last picture is of me taking a selfie with statues bum. Teehee.
We didn’t even roam the whole museum as it was massive, I guess and we we’re hungry so.. food!
We saw the main ones though, Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. The queue to see Mona Lisa was the worst queue in the world, omds, it didn’t even have a proper line that moves along, it was just a crowd of people. Ahhh
I have so much of these diaries to blog, next would be the Eiffel tower at night. See you soon!
Love lots,
tlb- Jaszel xx